Welcome to SENNDA

At SENNDA we everyday strive for designing and manufacturing the best ITS equipment on the market. Our mission is:

Best Performance for end users, pedestrians and drivers

Reliability, adaptability and lifespan

Easy maintenance and commissioning

At SENNDA every morning starts with questions regarding mobility, road safety, traffic fluidity and new services.
We commute diferently, and we need those differences to be addreesed onto our cities. Different solutions so we all feel the same.

Smart technologies for Smart cities

LED traffic signal modules

We manufacture LED traffic signal modules using two different technologies, pixel look and incandescent look, for a wide range of operating voltages, in 100, 200 & 300 mm diameters and both rounded and squared pedestrian units.
All units you need for your project are here, come in and take a look.

Aspecto Pixel
Aspecto Incandescente

Traffic Signals Housings

For all requiered sizes (100, 200 & 300 mm.), manufactured in Europe using UV stabilised polycarbonate injection molding technology and within four colours (black, yellow, green and grey).


Pedestrian Pushbutton

Fully designed at SENNDA with different solutions going from the most sophisticated to vintage looking ones 100% retrofit and compatible with all traffic controllers and, at the same time, meeting all new technical requierements.


Acoustic Units

Made in Spain by SENNDA and following its vision, brand new services provided with fully compatible technology with the existing roads equipment.


Road Studs

100% PnP (Plug & Play), energetically autonomous thanks to its solar panel and battery unit, GPS synchronized, high visibiity, ruggered and truck proof. Come in and discover all options.