AVANT Acoustic Units

Why SENNDA´s audible pedestrian signal?

SENNDA´s AVANT is the ultimate multiservice audible pedestrian signal and compatible with most of the existing traffic controllers.
Main improvements:

> Double power supply: 42/25Vac & 220Vac

Programmable on Windows (USB conection) or using an APP on Android (Bluetooth conection).

> Activation through calendar or using an RF remote control.

> Fully coustomizable audio files

> Vocal Synthesizer for announcing pedestrian crossing´ street names

AVANT´s programmation

AVANT pedestrian signal may be programmed using its especfic software (provided with each PO) on a Windows PC (USB conection) or using an APP on Android 7.0 (Bluetooth conection). Using both technologies, services remain the same.

Technical Specifications


Galvanised iron sheet (1,5mm) high durability

External dimensions (mm)

220 x 110 x 113

Power supply (VAC)

24/42 VAC & 220 VAC

Frequency (Hz)


Audio power (W)

Adjustable (14W max)

Working temperatures

-20ºC / +50ºC


USB & Bluetooth 4.2.


HiFi with a 22bits DAC


32 bits processor




Fully programmable using Bluetooth or USB. Audio files .wav

RF remote control

RF remote control

Compatible with existing RF remote controls (this feature may be deactivated). Audio signal showing the activation through RF remote control.