LED traffic signals – Pixel Look

Why SENNDA´s pixel look traffic lights?

High performance:

> The most evolved LED traffic light in the market

> 5mm oval shaped LEDs for an optimal light distribution

> 120 LEDs per unit, providing high brightness and visibility even in cases of extreme sunshine.


Long lifespan:

> LEDs are separately powered, if one of them breaks down the rest are not affected.

> Long lifespan of each LED unit thanks to the low current per diode requiered.


Easy maintenance and commissioning

> All units come wit a rubber joint for a perfect coupling with all kinds of housings.

Ópticas equipadas con 120 diodos ovales de 5mm, consiguiendo una óptima distribución horizontal de la iluminación.

Familias de ópticas


Semáforos de código de 100, 200 y 300 mm. de diámetro


Varios tipos de peatones, peatones mixtos, etc.


Diseños personalizados

Diseñamos y fabricamos la óptica que necesite para su proyecto.